January 15-17, 2018 | Kochi, Kerala, India

Hosted by ICAR-CMFRI



Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) is a government research institution under Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India. This Institute plays a significant role in leading development of Indian marine capture and culture fisheries sector; mainly fish stock estimates, optimum fleet size, mariculture, marine biotechnology and biodiversity, fishery environment, fishery economics and extension. CMFRI holds strong foundation and achievements such as the development of National Marine Fishery Database; stock health report card of state-wise and national fish stocks; management advisories for state fisheries departments.

The certification by the Marine Stewardship Council for an Indian fishery resource; studies on trawl ban; artificial reefs; immense marine resources; seed production technology of marine fin and shellfish; sea-farming and coastal mariculture technologies; neutraceuticals from marine organisms; fish feeds for mariculture; marine pearl culture; genetic characterization of stocks and the digital repository - eprints @CMFRI. CMFRI is also actively involved in fisheries management and adaptation plans addressing to the climate change issues and impacts over the ecosystem. There is no research organization better suited for leading India’s marine fishing sector to greater heights. Since 1980’s CMFRI is doing research on utilizing satellite remote sensing for resolving marine ecological problems. Therefore, SAFARI-2 will be an ideal seminar when CMFRI is hosting the renowned JNSF Prof. Trevor Platt FRS, a global expert in ocean colour remote sensing.

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CMFRI Kochi, Kerala, India